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Day Training

Can't seem to find time to fit training the dog into your busy schedule? After a short 30-minute consultation to discuss your training goals, simply drop your pup off** at our facility and we'll do the training for you! Having a professional dog trainer do the "heavy lifting" for you means better results in less time, so you and your dog can spend more time enjoying life’s adventures. Each week your dog gets 2 half-days of training and one coaching session with you at the end of the week. During your coaching sessions we'll show you everything he learned that week and teach you how to maintain his new-found good behavior. 

**Too busy to drop Fido off? We provide a pick-up and/or drop-off service within 30 minutes of our facility for an additional fee.

Things we can work on include:

  • Basic Manners (sit, down, stay, come, etc.)
  • Puppy Training & Socialization Outings
  • Crate Training
  • Leash Walking/Outdoor Skills
  • Body handling (enjoying grooming, nail trims, vet procedures, etc.)
  • Teaching dogs not to guard coveted resources (food, stolen items, toys, locations, etc.)

30-min consultation ~ $50
1 week ~ $300
2 weeks ~ $550
3 weeks ~ $800
4 weeks ~ $1,000