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Join the Goof Group!


Got a social butterfly who LOVES to play with other dogs? We have a new pop-up social called "The Goof Group" which is open to all playful dogs over 4 months of age. $10 per goof. To sign up to receive news and updates for Goof Group socials, click here!


Downtown dogs need downtown training.

If you live, work, or play in downtown Burlington you know your dog needs specific skills to successfully navigate all of the great things our city has to offer - polite leash manners, a good recall, and the ability to gracefully handle people, noises, bustle, and other dogs in close proximity.

Fetch the Leash's new training facility is right downtown so you can walk to class, take a lunchtime lesson during the week, or swing by the farmer's market on your way home. Small class sizes with a certified trainer ensure you and your dog will learn all the skills you need to stroll down Church Street with confidence.


What We Do

Just want to learn the basics? We teach positive-reinforcement group classes for all ages, breeds, and abilities. Our classes are intentionally kept very small so each dog and owner team gets lots of personalized attention from the instructor each week.

Specific behavior you'd like to address? Private consultations offer more personalized training. We work one-on-one with you on any behavioral issue your dog is struggling with. You come to us, we can come to you, or we can meet wherever you need your dog to be successful.

Short on time? We offer day-training in our facility. After a short 30-minute consultation to meet your dog and discuss your training goals, simply drop your dog off before work or at lunch, let us know what you'd like your dog to learn, and we'll do the training for you while you're at work or off doing something fun! Having a professional trainer do the 'heavy lifting' means faster results and less work for you.

No fenced-in yard? No Problem! When classes are not in session we offer hourly rental of our training facility’s dog gym. Perfect for practice sessions, inclement weather exercise, or organizing private playgroups with your dog's best buddies.

Where can I buy that? We have a curated selection of retail products for sale at our training facility. All the items we are always recommending during our classes and private lessons are available for purchase - no-pull harnesses and head halters, our favorite brands of high-value training rewards, food puzzles, Kongs, bully sticks, and more.


How We're Different

Our clients are local. They are our neighbors, friends, and family - not a number or a dollar sign. They walk to work. They care about the environment. They care about our community. Their dogs are family. We run into them at City Market, or cross paths walking our dogs on the bikepath. We develop lasting relationships with each and every dog and human who comes through our door, and are there to support them for the life of their dog.

Education and experience. Dog training is currently an unregulated industry - literally anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a dog trainer. What sets Fetch the Leash apart is credentials. A world-class education covering all aspects of dog behavior, ethology, the scientific principles of learning, mastering the mechanical skills necessary to be an efficient trainer, effective coaching and class teaching, and more. A network of colleagues with extensive experience and education in training, behavior, veterinary medicine, and force-free animal handling and care. 10+ years of hands-on experience training shelter and rescue dogs, as well as hundreds of loved family pets of all ages, sizes, and abilities.

Truly humane training methods. Our top priority is for your dog to be an active and happy participant in the training process. Positive, rewards-based training helps dogs develop the skills they need using treats, games, and praise - all the fun stuff in life! We never use painful collars, scary corrections, or other outdated training devices or techniques.


Group Classes

Want a dog who walks nicely on leash, doesn’t jump all over your guests, and won’t try to steal your dinner off your plate? Behavior is important for puppies and adult dogs alike. We teach all the basic behaviors using fun exercises and games so that you can have a dog who is truly a joy to live with!

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Day Training

We understand that life gets busy sometimes, and training the dog ends up getting bumped to the bottom of the to-do list. It's ok - that's where we come in! Drop your dog off with us for two half-days of learning per week. You tell us what you'd like your dog to learn, and let the professionals do the work for you!

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Private Training

From new puppy care to working with challenging behavior, a personalized class can make all the difference. After an initial consultation to discuss your goals, we meet together on a regular basis to coach you on how to teach your dog the skills he needs.

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Dog Gym

When classes aren't in session we offer off-leash, safe, warm (or cool) space for your dog to get his sillies out - your own private dog park! Our inch thick wall-to-wall foam flooring ensures joint comfort and excellent traction while he tugs, fetches, and runs to his heart's content. 

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