Errand buddy. Hiking partner. Professional sofa hog. Party co-host. Your dog is family and you want to bring him everywhere. Whether you’re just starting out with a new canine co-pilot, or you’re dreaming of a fresh start with your current four-legged friend, I can help you get there.

Our group classes and private, in-home training help your dog learn reliable behaviors in the real life situations where you need them most. I train with positive, rewards-based methods, firmly grounded in the science of how animals learn. 

I look forward to working with you and your dog!
~Megan O’Hara, Owner

“I have been amazed at Lucy’s transformation. In less than a week, she has dramatically reduced her attention-getting behaviors and has even transitioned to more consistent use of her own toys. And we’ve been keeping her on her bed during meals and “paying” her for her down stay and that, too, has been super. I joked that I called in the doggy-therapist, but it turned out to be true.”
— Julie & Lucy


Want a dog who walks nicely on leash, doesn’t jump all over your guests, and won’t try to steal your dinner off your plate? Behavior is important for puppies and adult dogs alike. We teach all the basic behaviors using fun exercises and games so that you can have a dog who is truly a joy to live with!

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From new puppy care to working with challenging behavior, a personalized class can make all the difference. After an initial consultation to discuss your goals, I come to your home on a regular basis to train your dog and coach you through the nuts and bolts of teaching your dog the skills he needs.

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